Physical Therapy

post small imagesLLA’s skilled team of physical therapists work with children and their families to assist each child in reaching their maximum potential in motor performance and functional independence at home, school, and the community.

Together, we will create specific goals and collaborate to reach them through detailed evaluation and consistent therapy. Our therapists can help children minimize the effect injuries, disease, or developmental disabilities have on a child's ability to function.

Depending on the child’s needs we can also:
  • Promote independence
  • Increase active participation
  • Facilitate motor development/function
  • Improve flexibility, strength, endurance
  • Manage pain
  • Enhance motor learning
  • Help with sensory regulation/integration
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Ease the challenges of daily care giving
  • Provide support, advocacy, and resources to patients and their families
  • Promote health and wellness