5 Activities to Improve Your Child’s Posture

Do you notice that your child is always leaning against their desk/table and not sitting upright to do their homework?  Or do you notice that your child is slouched forward when walking or sitting? There are many different ways you can work on improving your child’s posture.  You may consider going to a physical therapist to help.  A physical therapist can improve your child’s core and back strength along with improving their posture. 

There are activities that you can do at home, along with physical therapy to improve posture:

1. Sitting on a physio ball or Wobble Chair while doing activities – Sitting on a dynamic seat rather than a regular chair helps improve core strength and sitting balance

2. Core Strengthening Exercises – sit-ups, planks, laying on your belly on a physio ball while participating in activities/games/puzzles, etc.

3. Back Strengthening Exercises – Superman Pose

4. Row Machine/Bands – Great exercise to improve the muscles in your back that support your spine

5. Any type of activity that improves fitness – biking, walking, elliptical, swimming

Your child is most likely not aware that they have poor posture.  Another helpful tool is to verbally remind your child to sit up straight while sitting, walking, and performing a variety of activities.  Frequent reminders will help your child learn how to sit and stand with good posture on their own.  The important thing to remember is to stay active!  Any type of fitness will strengthen various muscles around the body and spine which will help improve their posture!

-Kelly Steiner, PT, DPT