5 Winter Activities to Get Kids Moving!

Are your kids bored from sitting indoors all day? Do you wonder what other new and exciting activities they can do during the winter to keep them active and entertained?

Here are 5 fun suggestions for your child this winter:

Dance Party!

Put on some of your kid’s favorite music and turn up the volume for a great dance party! This can help improve coordination, balance and endurance.

Build a Fort

This might have been an activity that you would have done as a child.  Building a fort is a great way for your child to build strength while carrying materials for the fort and improve motor control and planning while setting up the fort.

Sled Riding

Although it may be cold outside, sled riding is a great activity to improve sitting balance while using the sled and improve strength while pulling the sled and walking up the hill.  Bundle up and enjoy a day outside!

Building a Snowman

This is another great outdoor activity that will help build strength and endurance while rolling the snowballs and improve coordination, motor planning and motor control while putting the snowman together.

Ice Skating

Dress warm and go ice skating outdoors or find a local indoor ice skating rink. This is not only a great activity to improve coordination, balance and endurance, but it is also a fun family activity!

Just because winter is here does not mean your child needs to sit on the couch and complain about being bored.  There are many activities he/she can do indoors and outdoors to stay active this winter!

-Kelly Steiner, PT, DPT