Hello Families!  LLA Therapy hopes you are staying healthy and enjoying summertime! Please see below for COVID-19 updates and our office policies:

Please complete the schedule confirmation and health/safety form using the link below.

It must be completed prior to re-starting services in the clinic.

Click here to complete the health/safety form!


If there is a Level 3 status (very high risk of exposure and spread) in effect for the county where your child receives services, it is mandated by Governor DeWine that masks must be worn in indoor spaces. LLA Therapy is mandated to comply with this and is subject to fines (as well as the individual(s) not complying) if not enforced, per the County Health Departments.  Exemptions for wearing a mask indoors are listed below:

  • Children under the age of 10 years or a minor who cannot safely wear a mask (to include those with anxiety, inability to understand the purpose; sensory regulation issues, etc).
  • Those who cannot wear a mask due to health and/or safety concerns (must present documentation from physician).

Adults will not be allowed to enter the offices without a mask covering until Governor DeWine lifts this mandate.  As a parent, you will have the option to 1) wear your own face mask, 2) if available, LLA will provide a mask, or 3) you can wait in your car while your child receives therapy services. If one of these options is not possible, we will ask that you reschedule your child’s appointment when you have proper face covering.  We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this time.


  • Front door entrance for drop off (no one is permitted in the waiting room until further notice)
  • Back door exit for pick up
  • Parent/caregiver & child should wait in their car until the appointment time
  • There will be marked ‘waiting spaces’ at the front & back door entrances for social distancing
  • Therapist will come out and get child
  • Parent will wait in car (unless child cannot attend therapy alone)
  • Parent will walk or drive to back building exit door for pick up
  • Therapist will bring child out & provide a written note for what was addressed & home program ideas/worksheets, etc

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email or call 330-867-2240. We are happy to come up with a plan if your child requires special accommodations; however, we ask that you notify us days in advance so that you, the therapist and Clinic Director can develop a plan. Our goal is to provide therapy services in a safe and healthy environment.  LLA Therapy looks forward to seeing you in the near future!

Resources for families:

If your child is having a difficult time understanding COVID-19 and why things may be different right now, try the social story below!

We understand that wearing a mask may be a confusing and scary thing for some children. Try one of our tips or strategies with your child!

Updated Insurance Coverage for Telehealth Services (see expiration dates below):

Please note: These dates are subject to change at any time per the insurance company.

  • Caresource – no expiration date as of right now
  • United Health Care Community Plan and United Health Care – 10/22/20
  • BCMH – no expiration date as of right now
  • Medicare – no expiration date as of right now
  • Summa – no expiration date as of right now
  • MMO – 10/22/20
  • Cigna – 12/31/20
  • Aetna – 9/30/20
  • Anthem – Fully funded plans 8/31/20; Self funded plans depend on individual policy
  • Scholarship – 12/31/20 (can come in or continue telehealth)
  • OHVA – telehealth ONLY during ESY dates