8 Amazing Ways To Use Plastic Eggs for Learning

The groundhog didn’t see his shadow this year, which means that spring is coming early (or so legend says)! Although spring may be on its way, we are still in the midst of the cold days, which keeps kids inside. Are you looking for something new to interest your child?

LVST: An Effective Tool for Treating Voice Difficulty in Parkinson’s Patients

As anyone living with Parkinson’s Disease can tell you, PD is a progressive illness that affects movement and muscle stiffness. Although less discussed, issues affecting voice are just as prevalent and debilitating. Due to a decline in volume, the person living with PD may feel they are shouting when their loved ones barely hear what they are saying. Many patients …

Five Awesome Resources for Incorporating Speech Practice Into Everyday Routines

If your child is normal, eventually they will show resistance to sitting down and doing homework type practice with flash cards or worksheets for speech practice, reading practice, or vocabulary expansion. In addition to recommending targeted practice for families that will help their kiddo progress with therapy, I also recommend ways to incorporate practice into every day routines. By practicing …

Speech and Language: What’s the Difference?

 The terms speech and language are often used interchangeably, with an overall assumption that these words refer to how we speak.  It’s true that both speech and language are critical components of communicating with each other, but there is much more to it than just how we speak.

What is ABA Anyway?

Autism has been in the news quite frequently the past few years and, chances are, you have probably heard the term “ABA” being thrown around.  But, do you know what it is?  It’s not JUST for individuals with autism.  ABA is all about making socially significant meaningful changes, acquiring new skills, and teaching individuals how to utilize these new skills …

Natural Environment Teaching: Incorporating Learning Into Play

Playing with your child provides a natural opportunity to teach them important skills. Play captures your child’s natural motivations and your child will love that you are down on the floor, being silly, and they won’t even realize that they are actually learning too!

How to: Make Speech Practice Fun!

As a speech-language pathologist, I strive to make my therapy sessions engaging and fun for the kiddos I work with. How do I do this? Play!