7 Exercises To Decrease Toe Walking

Have you started to notice that your child is walking on their toes while playing, walking around the house or out in the community? It may be something they do all the time or only a few times a day.

10 Sensory Breaks to Increase Focus and Concentration

A sensory break allows for time to decompress, reset, and receive the input necessary to feel more regulated. Also known as a brain break or movement break, when a child gets a quick sensory break, they are able to move, increase blood flow, and receive either the calming or active input they need to aid with focus and concentration. Kids …

I Spy – So Much More!

I am sure most of us have seen these types of bottles filled with small items hidden inside rice or rice-like material in the stores… well, there is no need to go out and buy one when you can make one at home. Before I get into the whole “supply list” and “how to” mumbo jumbo, let me tell you …

Visual Perception: See What?

What are visual perceptual skills and why are they important? I’m so glad you asked! Visual-perceptual skills are not about how well you we see things (acuity) but rather how we (our brains) interpret what we see. For our kiddo’s, visual perceptual skills are so important, both in school and in their daily lives. These skills help them to recognize …

The Wilbarger Brushing Technique: What Is It And How Can It Help?

What Is The Wilbarger Brushing Protocol? The Wilbarger Deep Pressure and Proprioceptive Technique was developed by Patricia Wilbarger, Med, OTR, FAOTA. Based on the theory of Sensory Integration, the brushing technique uses a specific method of stimulation to help the brain organize sensory information.

Why Does My Child Pick and Pinch Their Skin?

It may be a Sensory Processing issue. The sensory system feeds information from our environment, via our central nervous system, directly to our brain. The brain then organizes it, sends it back through the nervous system for the use as understanding, adaptation, learning and skill development.

Does My Child Need Physical Therapy?

Pediatric physical therapists address underlying deficits in infants and children that lead to limitations in their mobility and gross motor skills. In infants, physical therapists work on their gross motor skill development in terms of learning how to move in their environment (rolling, sitting, pull to stand, etc). Physical therapists work with children on achieving higher level gross motor skills …

Building to New Strengths: Brain Flakes

When I go out to any store my eyes are always peeled for that one toy that will assist a child in a range of abilities, while also being fun. I have traversed many aisle before, only to leave empty handed and a little disappointed with the selection. However, one toy I recently discovered is becoming a cornerstone activity I …

How To Make a Felt Leaf Garland with your Little One

Get inspired by the changing of the leaves this year by bringing them inside!  This felt leaf garland is the perfect craft to help challenge your child’s fine motor and visual motor integration skills. This craft is for those children 4 years old and up.