Building to New Strengths: Brain Flakes

When I go out to any store my eyes are always peeled for that one toy that will assist a child in a range of abilities, while also being fun. I have traversed many aisle before, only to leave empty handed and a little disappointed with the selection. However, one toy I recently discovered is becoming a cornerstone activity I use in occupational therapy sessions.

That toy is Brain Flakes. I stumbled upon Brain Flakes while I was scrolling through Amazon, and you can find the link for yourself right here!

So What Is This Amazing Toy?

Brain Flakes are for children ages 5 years and older, so unfortunately they are not appropriate for the little ones in your life due to choking hazards. For older children though this toy targets a variety of skills, including visual perceptual skills such as spatial reasoning- a skill that is vital in handwriting; the ability to follow instructions both verbal and visual- which is applicable in home and school environments; hand dexterity and hand strength- which are needed to grasp and manipulate objects such as school pencils appropriately. This toy also allows your child to become creative and build anything they can dream up with just a few clicks of pieces. Brain Flakes are round disks that have notches in the side, allowing them to snap together- this snap together of pieces is where skills such as hand strength and dexterity are required!

Once your child begins snapping they may take off on their own! This building is where visual perceptual skills such as spatial reasoning come into play- your child must use these skills in order to build an item that resembles a known or imagined object. Or if you prefer, there are instructional pictures or videos found on VIAHART’s website (the company that makes Brain Flakes) that can be followed- this adds an additional skills layer- following directions!

Building these creations by themselves or with their parents may also strengthen confidence in children, and promote hands on learning and creativity. I know I have found this toy to be very enriching for my clients. So if you are on the lookout for a toy that will target multiple skills needed for academic success, then perhaps give Brain Flakes a try- you’ll never know what you can build until you get started!