10 Awesome Cause & Effect Toys to Improve Language Skills

I love cause & effect toys. The ways they can help speech and language is endless. It’s a great early learning activity to show the relationship between using words to get something. Say a word and/or make an action and get a desired outcome and/or cool affect!

Below you will find a list of toys that are used frequently at LLA. Click the pictures for links to Amazon.

It’s recommended that you try to use one word (core word) at a time with a toy to see how your child reacts. Say the word to your child 5-10 times, then wait to see if your child will request with the word you’ve been using. If the child tries to say the word, reward immediately with the toy, and repeat the word they said. If they don’t say the word, keep saying it to them before you make the action happen!

Core Words: Say these words with your child as the action happens, they might try to say it too.

Vocab Targets: Vocab to say to your child to help them learn.

Poppin Pals

Core Words: pop, more, me, you, again, wow, push, twist, turn

Vocab Targets: lion, panda, giraffe, monkey, elephant, eyes, ears, nose, mane, paws, feet, banana, hair

Unicorn Popper

Core Words: pop, more, me, you, ball, up, down, high, low, push

Vocab Targets: unicorn, rainbow, horn, hooves, tail, belly, ears, hair, legs, nose, mouth

Ball Popper Machine

Core Words: pop, ball, boom, kaboom, fall down, go, tap

Vocab Targets: fast, slow, up, down, go, stop, in, out, stay there, on top, roll

Press and Go Crocodile

Core Words: push, go, stop, me, you, more, wee

Vocab Targets: chomp, birds, purple, blue, orange, red, teeth, eyes, tail, twist, stop, go

Music Box Record Player

Core Words: play, push, more, stop, go

Vocab Targets: more, stop, on, off, quiet, loud, music, no music


Core Targets: pop, boo, woah, ahh, up, down, open, more,

Vocab Targets: scary, surprise, open, close, caterpillar, hello, goodbye

Gumball Machine

Core Words: pop, in, push, go, more, ball

Vocab Targets: items in the balls, lever, down, push, spin, round, stuck, catch

See and Say

Core Words: round, more, go, stop, animals names & sounds, pull, push, more

Vocab Targets: animal names/sounds, spin, again

Merry Go Round

Core Words: push, more, wee, round, spin

Vocab Targets: (animal names), stop, go, spin, merry go round, carousel, round, fast, slow

Stack and Tumble Elephant

Core Words: on, pop, off, more, me, up

Vocab Targets: on, off, elephant, ears, tail, wiggle, trunk, feet, horns, eyes


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Hello there 🙂 My name is Katie Zimmer and I am a speech therapist at the lovely LLA Therapy! I am a clinic-based therapist with a love of music, messy foods, and silly games. At LLA, I love to spend time helping children and their families with speech and language delay, apraxia, motor planning delays and disorders, and picky eaters! I enjoy using PROMPT therapy strategies, play-based language, speech, and feeding tactics, and other errorless learning methods. I love working with my families and seeing the excitement of learning new things every day! Let me help you set your kiddos up for success today!

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