Clinic Telepractice

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Knowing when your child needs therapy, what kind, and what to expect from it, can be incredibly daunting for any parent. At LLA Therapy, we work hard to make this period of discovery both easy and empowering.

If you’re unsure where to begin, or if you’re uncertain if therapy is even an appropriate tool for your family, a Telepractice Screen is a great place to start. Use your own computer to meet with our therapy team from the comfort of your home. Our team will help you to determine what kind of therapy may be appropriate for your child, and will work with you to lay out a road map for success.

To find out more, or to schedule a telepractice screen, contact our staff.

Is Telepractice Right for You?

We understand that your lives are busy and making therapy a priority can be a difficult juggling act. Telepractice allows you to participate in full-service speech, physical, or occupational therapy sessions from the comfort and privacy of your home.

LLA Therapy’s HIPAA compliant, easy-to use software allows therapist to interact with patients in real time via video chat. Our software also gives us the capability to record sessions, upload therapy tasks, pictures, and visuals to aid in therapy and carryover. Parents and kids to review progress, keep track of tasks and goals, and communicate with therapists through a private message board.

At LLA we believe that therapy should fit your lifestyle and our Telepractice is designed to make therapy as convenient as possible, helping you to reach your goals in a way that fits your life.