Early Detection is Key in Treating Communication Impairments

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”
As Benjamin Franklin suggests, it is better to handle a problem early rather than waiting until it gets worse. 
We know that young children who are at risk for delays or disabilities in communication, language, speech, emergent literacy, and feeding/swallowing are much more likely to have difficulty succeeding later in school. Rather than waiting until these difficulties and delays arise in school, get your child on the right track by setting up a screening through LLA.
If you notice that your child has poor hearing/listening skills as a result of ear infections, speech pronunciation problems, or a general delay in the development of speaking/listening skills, bring them to LLA for an informal screening. A screening can help to determine if your child is developing within the “average” range of children.

The National Research Council and Institute of Medicine has said that the earlier services are provided, the more likely are the child’s chances for developing effective communication and attaining successful language and learning outcomes. If you have any concerns about your child’s speech or language development, don’t hesitate; call us at 330-867-2240 to set up your screening, or ask an expert at askanexpert@llatherapy.org