Fall Family Fun [to promote gross motor skills]

With summer behind us and school just around the corner, there are many ways to celebrate the season of fall (my personal favorite!). Fall is a great time to get outdoors and explore the changing colors, new smells, and sounds of crinkling leaves. Looking for some games that promote improved gross motor skills to try? I am here to help!

Scavenger Hunt

Search for leaves of different colors, sizes, and shapes. In addition to building balance skills, this is a great visual scanning activity.


Leaf Pile

Have your child rake leaves into a pile and then jump in. Doing so, can help build strength, coordination, as well as provide an opportunity for tactile exploration of a variety of textures.


Go Apple Picking

Reach high and low to find the best apple while challenging balance and postural stability.

Obstacle Course

Encourage your child use their imagination and assist you in making an obstacle course. Logs make a great thing to jump over as well as pumpkins to weave through like cones. The sky’s the limit!


Painter’s Tape Mazes & Webs

Something as simple as painters tape can be used in so many ways to challenge gross motor skills. Make a large indoor spider web and encourage your child to stay on the web. Attach tape to hallways and see if your child can navigate and climb through the tape.