GoNoodle: The Fun and Interactive Way To Get Your Child Moving

Are your kids starting to go stir crazy during these long winter months??! I know I am ready for spring to come so I can go outside! Unfortunately it keeps snowing and staying cold!! Your kids may be starting to get bored sitting inside and need something exciting and new to get them active. 

Something you can try is GoNoodle, which is a fun and interactive way to get your kids active!  It has a lot of videos your kids can follow along with. You can find a variety of topics that will interest your child including: dancing, work-outs, brain teasers and fun songs to sing along to like the Baby Shark song.  Most of the videos are only several minutes, however there are a few longer videos that will get your child active for up to 20 minutes.  And the best part is, it’s free!!

If you have never used GoNoodle before and need ideas of what videos to use or if you have used it before and need some new ideas, some of my favorites are:

  1. Fresh Start Fitness Videos – These are great short work outs that improve strength, balance, coordination and endurance!
  2. Zumba Kids – This combines fun music with dancing to keep your child entertained and active.
  3. Brainercise – These are great coordination exercises that get their minds working.
  4. IR – This stands for Indoor Recess and I love it because it has the longer videos.

If you have never used GoNoodle before you can go onto a computer or tablet and go to https://family.gonoodle.com/ and have some fun!!

-Kelly Steiner, PT, DPT