Halloween Books Your Kindergartner Will Love!

Halloween is quickly approaching! Here are our top ten Halloween books to read to your Kindergartner!

1. Creepy Carrots By: Peter Brown 

Jasper Rabbit loves carrots, maybe even a little too much. Read along as he learns that being greedy isn’t cool when carrots start to follow him everywhere he goes!

2. Pete the Cat: Five Little Pumpkins By: James Dean

Sing along with Pete the Cat to his new adaptation of “Five Little Pumpkins.”

3. Little Boo By: Stephen Wunderli

Little Boo is a pumpkin seed that wants nothing more than to spook the other characters in the book. As autumn begins to cool the air, he begins to feel discouraged. Will Little Boo ever be scary?

4. How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin? By: Margaret McNamara

Read along as Mr. Tuffin’s class explores estimation by guessing the number of seeds in pumpkins!

5. Pinkalicious! Pink or Treat! By: Victoria Kann

The mayor has cancelled Halloween because a terrible storm knocked out the town’s electricity! It is now up to Pinkalicious to save the day!

6. Halloween Hustle By: Charolette Gunnufson

One funky skeleton is dancing his way to a Halloween party, but can’t seem to keep himself together. Can he hold himself together long enough to make it to the party?

7. The Night Before Halloween By: Natasha Wing

Kids will love this spooky take on Clement C. Moore’s poem, “The Night Before Christmas.” Monsters, goblins and ghosts prepare for Halloween and throw the best Halloween party ever!

8. Little Goblins Ten By: Pamela Jane

Younger students will love this variation on the poem “Over in the Meadow!” A mommy monster sends her baby monsters out to scare, and must find them all by the end of the story.

9. Where’s My Mummy? By: Carolyn Crimi

Baby Mummy wants to keep playing hide and shriek with his mommy mummy. Read along as he searches for her and tries to avoid being spooked!

10. Room on the Broom By: Julia Donaldson 

Students will love this rhyming story about a witch, a dragon and a monster’s friendship!

(All photos from Amazon.com)

Happy, Spooky Reading!