Hand Strengthening Exercises For Home

LLA Therapy’s own Elise Bondy COTA/L talks about great ways to work on hand strengthening in the home

Looking for creative ways to prepare your child for school? You can strengthen their hands and fingers in preparation for handwriting and have them help around the house at the same time! Sound too good to be true? Check out my tips below:

Water the plants:

Do you have plants to be watered?  Give your child a spray bottle and have him/her water your plants. Alternate hands for a greater challenge!

Squeeze a sponge:

Squeezing a sponge is great for hand strengthening.  Have your child help wipe the table, wash the car, or even clean the patio furniture. 

Hang the clothes:

If you use a clothes line, have your child help by squeezing the clothespins and placing them on the clothes you are hanging. If you don’t have a clothes line, your child may just enjoy squeezing the clothespins anyways! 

Have fun strengthening and working!