How To Make a Felt Leaf Garland with your Little One

Get inspired by the changing of the leaves this year by bringing them inside!  This felt leaf garland is the perfect craft to help challenge your child’s fine motor and visual motor integration skills. This craft is for those children 4 years old and up.


  • Yarn (any color)
  • Felt- multiple colors to represent the changing leaves!
  • Scissors (only allow your child to use scissors if they are adept at scissor use)
  • Leaf pattern (optional)


  1. If you would want completely uniform leaves, use a leaf template to draw leaf shapes on felt. This is a bonus visual motor integration challenge for your child to trace the leaf shape onto the felt! The number of leaves you do depends on how long you want your garland to be! I recommend between 10-15 leaves for a medium sized garland.
  2. Cut out the leaves from the felt. This step should either be completed by your child or by the parent if your child is younger.
  3. Use either your scissors (adults only) or a hole punch made for fabric to place two holes on either end of felt leaf and 1-2 holes in the middle of felt leaf, length wise.
  4. Get your sting ready! Have your child weave their string into the leaf holes, starting from the top, and then coming back up through the next hole from the bottom. Continue until all the leaves are strung together.
  5. Your leaf garland is complete! Hang it up in your home and enjoy the fall season!


Other fun autumn activities you can do to engage your child’s sensory system include:


Raking leaves and jumping in the pile!

This targets motor planning and the tactile sensory system.

Carving pumpkins! (no knives!)

Have your kiddos scoop out the pumpkin seeds and pulp with a spoon. Adults only on the carving of the spooky faces! This targets the tactile sensory system.

Face painting!

This also targets the tactile sensory system.


This targets the vestibular, olfactory, auditory (bring noise cancelling headphones for little ones who are sensitive), and tactile systems.

Enjoy your fall!