LLA Spotlight: Destiny Eskridge

Destiny Eskridge is a speech therapist at LLA Therapy. She is originally from Toledo, Ohio, but was raised and resides in Akron.

Destiny was a Certified Medical Assistant before pursuing a career as a Speech-Language Pathologist. She earned both her undergraduate and master’s degree at The University of Akron and completed her clinical fellowship year with LLA Therapy.

As a speech therapist, Destiny loves working with the adult population focusing on dysphagia. She enjoys working with students focusing on language skills. Destiny currently practices at the Metzenbaum Residential Facility and Education Alternatives.

“I enjoy being part of LLA Therapy! I have learned so much in my year of being here! I’ve been able to provide services at multiple schools, work with wonderful students, and learn during the process! I’ve also had the pleasure of working with adults, which I love! There’s never a dull moment, and I love learning from my clients as well as my peers!”

Destiny enjoys spending time with her husband and son (Eric and Tony), and is looking forward to the new addition to her family (Ezekiel) in November!

About the Author

Matthew Hagge


Matthew Hagge is the Director of Business Development at LLA Therapy and a speech therapist. He specializes in coordinating and organizing school based therapy services.

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