LLA Spotlight: Lexy Henderson

We have amazing administrative professionals at LLA and want to showcase them to you! Meet Lexy Henderson!

Lexy is an office assistant who has been with LLA for 8 months. Her favorite part about working at LLA is the amazing coworkers and clients!

Let’s get to know Lexy better!

Would you rather have super strength or the ability to fly?

Ability to fly

What is your favorite color?


What do you do in your free time?

Ride and compete with horses

What is your favorite team?

The Buckeyes!

Would you rather have pizza or tacos? 


What is your favorite season?


Are you an early riser or night owl?

Night owl

What is your Favorite Inspirational Quote?

“No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow your progress, you’re still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying”  -Tony Robbins 

Would you rather have ice cream or cookies?

Ice cream

What is the best concert you have ever been to?  

Kane Brown 2019