LLA Spotlight: Melissa Brazelton

We have amazing therapists at LLA and want to showcase them to you! This week, meet Melissa Brazelton!

Melissa is a Speech Language Pathologist who has been with LLA for 20 years! She is currently serving as a Home Health therapist and also working at Metzenbaum Residential Facility (adults with Intellectual Disabilities). Melissa’s favorite part about being a therapist is taking part in someone’s recovery from illness, as well as working with families and caregivers to achieve the maximum potential for individuals.

Let’s get to know Melissa better!

Describe your role at LLA:

My current role at LLA is to evaluate and provide treatment to adults in their homes, assisted livings and residential settings.  I assess and treat patients with swallowing disorders, cognitive impairments, speech, and language deficits which affect their daily living, safety and nutrition.

What is your therapy passion?

Neuro rehabilitation and swallowing evaluation/treatment

What high school did you go to?

Cuyahoga Falls High School. I received both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree at Kent State University.

What is your hidden talent?

My hidden talent is that I was a majorette in high school!  On occasion, I will get out my baton and twirl.  I’m pretty rusty but my kids get a kick out of it!!

What do you like to do in your free time? 

In my free time, I can usually be found on a field or in a gym somewhere with my 2 sons who play many different sports.

What is your favorite team? 

I cheer for all Ohio teams (Indians, Cavs, and Browns), but on Saturdays I’m a Notre Dame Fighting Irish fan in support of my husband!

What is your favorite season?

Summer by far.  I like the hot weather and being outdoors.

Would you rather have Ice cream or Cookies?

I definitely choose ice cream (Handel’s chocolate peanut butter brownie is my favorite) over cookies.

Tune in to our next Spotlight to meet another one of our wonderful therapists!