Behavior Therapy

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Applied Behavioral Analysis Services is a valuable therapy often used to decrease maladaptive behaviors and encourage appropriate behavior. ABA is used to address behaviors that may stand in the way of learning and thriving. A number of studies have been completed validating improvements in behavior, communication, social interactions, play, self-care, school and employment settings. Principles are often based on positive reinforcement and proactive strategies. ABA is a data-driven technique that places importance on consistent evaluation.

How it Works

Upon scheduling your initial intake meeting, a certified ABA consultant will meet with you to discuss and review your child’s needs. After a formal assessment and evaluation is completed, we will develop a personalized treatment plan. Therapy can take place in a number of environments including LLA, your home, your child’s school or within the community.

For information concerning ABA Therapy please contact our office at: 330-867-2240