Our Best Resources for Introducing Yoga to Your Child

Like adults, children have difficulty managing stressors that they encounter.  These can include fitting in with peers, school work, and extra curricular activities, which often become a distraction.  Yoga helps improve concentration to prepare the body for learning. It is a form of exercise that targets not only a child’s physical but mental health.  Yoga incorporates multi-step movement poses, relaxation, and breathing techniques to help calm the body while working on strength, flexibility, body awareness, coordination, endurance, and balance.  Additionally, Yoga helps improve a child’s motor planning as they transition between poses. Those that perform Yoga routinely demonstrate improved body awareness, flexibility and strength. They also show increased self esteem, improved memory, increased focus and improved reaction time. Below are ways to introduce Yoga to your child in a fun, kid-friendly way!

The ABC’s of Yoga For Kids

There are many books on the market that associate Yoga poses with a letter of the alphabet. They are written in fun, interactive stories to help engage your child. This is a great way to aide in teaching the alphabet to your child while increasing their concentration, strength and flexibility. The ABC’s of Yoga for Kids is one of our faves!



Yogarilla is a creative card game that has a different Yoga pose associated with each card. Flip them over and take turns picking a card for an extra surprise.  These cards give exact instructions on how to perform each exercise, as well as adaptations and ways to make each pose more challenging, to ensure good form for those less familiar with Yoga poses.

Super Stretch Yoga

For families on the go, this free app offered on iTunes is a great way to incorporate Yoga into your busy daily routine. Super Stretch teaches kids various Yoga poses while incorporating proper breathing techniques for relaxation.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

This fun YouTube channel has many Yoga themed, interactive videos. Videos range from 5 to 20 minutes and are great to keep your child engaged through story-based yoga sessions

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