Quick Guide: Gross Motor Skill Milestones For Your Baby

Bringing a new baby home, whether it is your first or fifth, is very exciting!  As they continue to grow, you may be wondering, is my baby reaching all of their gross motor milestones on time?

Below is a quick guide to gross motor skill milestones that you can use to see if your baby is on track.


Age Gross Motor Milestones
0-2 months On their belly:

-Turn head to right and left

-Raise head upright to 45 degrees

On their back:

-Kick feet, alternating right and left

3-6 months On their belly:

-Raise and maintain head upright to 45-90 degrees

-Propping up on their elbows

-Begin pushing through their hands to lift chest off ground

On their back:

-Bringing feet to mouth

-Bringing and keeping their hands to midline to play with toys

-As an adult pulls on their hands to help them sit up, they can keeping their head in line with their body

Other Milestones:

-Sitting with support

-Rolling from belly to back – can go to the right and left

-Rolling from back to belly – can go to the right and left

By 6 months -Sitting unsupported for around 1 minute

-Good head control in all positions – belly, back, being held and sitting

6-9 months On their belly:

-Reaching for toys

-Pivoting in a circle to find toys


-Sitting unsupported

-Transition from laying on floor to sitting independently

-Transition from sitting to laying on floor independently

Other Milestones:

-Crawl on their belly – “army crawl”

-Transition into hands and knees position (but do not crawl forward yet)

-Using their arms to pull up into sitting position

10-12 months Other Milestones:

-Crawl on hands and knees

-Pulling up to stand using furniture


-Stand with hand support and begin to bend knees and bounce


-Walking along furniture while holding on

-Walking with hand-held assistance from an adult

12-18 months Standing:

-Standing without support


-Taking steps independently

Other Milestones:

-Lowering themselves from stand to sit with control using hands on furniture/objects for support

-Maintaining a squat position to play with toys

-Creeping up stairs on hands and knees

-Playing with balls – beginning to throw and kick

By 18 months Walking independently


If you are going through this checklist and your baby is hitting their milestones before the month range, that is great!!  However, if your baby may be behind on their milestones, there is no need to panic!  When should I begin to seek help, you ask? After looking at the list and noticing that your baby is behind 3 or more months on most/all of their milestones, it is recommended that you make an appointment with a physical therapist. A physical therapist that works with kids can help your baby improve their gross motor skills and catch them up on their milestones! If you feel your baby may benefit from an appointment with a physical therapist, click here to schedule.

-Kelly Steiner, PT, DPT