Speech Therapy Early Intervention

LLA Therapy speech language pathologist, Ashley Hagge, M.A., CCC-SLP, discusses 5 reasons to seek a professional evaluation at the first sign of a speech problem. 

1. Prevention of future problems in school: speech and language difficulty is related to literacy, social skills, the ability to learn and use vocabulary, and the ability to process and understand what people are saying.

2. Prevention of negative behaviors: Children who have a difficult time communication often exhibit behaviors out of frustration.

3. To lay the ground work for compensation strategies: The earlier a child learns to cope with their deficit, the better!

4. Speech errors and language problems are easier to correct when a child is just learning to communicate.

5. Education: The information that a trained and qualified speech therapist possesses is invaluable. You may learn things you never knew about communication. This information may help you formulate a better environment in the home for speech and language.