Speech Therapy For Adults: We Can Help With That

Who Can I Help?


“Oh, so you work with kids who have lisps?” As a Speech Language Pathologist, I’m used to this response from people when I tell them what I do. And while, yes, articulation is part of my job, it’s only a small part. In fact, working with adults is a large part of an SLP’s scope of practice.

Since completing graduate school, the bulk of my work has been with adults, and I am thrilled to bring this experience to LLA as we expand an adult clinic at our Fairlawn office. Adults affected by dementia, stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, traumatic brain injury and other neurological issues can all benefit from working with an SLP. Memory loss stemming from an illness such as Alzheimer’s disease, aphasia (or difficulty recalling the right words, usually associated with strokes), trouble swallowing, dysarthria (weakness of the muscles in the mouth), and apraxia (difficulty with the motor planning of speech), are just some of the issues that I can treat. I am certified in Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT LOUD) therapy for people with Parkinson’s Disease.

How Can I Help?


The first time you visit the clinic, I will perform an assessment. We’ll get to know each other, I’ll familiarize myself with the challenges you’re facing, and together we will develop a treatment plan specific to you, your needs, and even your interests. Together we can set benchmarks and determine how often you need to come to the clinic. As an adult patient, it’s important to me that you are the driving force in developing your treatment, and that you enjoy our time together. Often times, therapy can include discussions about your children, favorite football team, or your hobbies. The most successful treatments are ones that we both feel invested in.

How Can We Get Started


You can contact the LLA Therapy office at 330-867-2240 to verify if your insurance plan covers speech and language therapy and to schedule your first visit. The assessment will take approximately an hour, and if treatment is warranted, we can schedule ongoing appointments. Would you rather request an appointment online? If so, click here

Who Am I?


I graduated from the University of Dayton and went on to earn my Master’s Degree in Speech and Language Pathology from the University of Akron. I began my career working in home health and treating patients in rehabilitation facilities and clinics. I have experience working with patients who have suffered a stroke and now face various resulting complications including aphasia, dysarthria, dysphagia, apraxia, left-neglect, and general cognitive deficits. I am also LSVT LOUD certified, which is an intensive program focused on increasing vocal loudness for patients who have Parkinson’s Disease. I have a passion for working with and helping adults who have any type of communication deficits, whether it be language, speech, or cognitively related. I live in Fairlawn with my wife and our three small children.

About the Author

Isaac Sernoffsky

Isaac enjoys working with adults and children to help them gain or regain communication abilities. He has worked in school settings as well as healthcare settings and enjoys both worlds. When he's not working, Isaac loves playing with his kids, travelling all over the place, and not getting enough sleep.

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