The Boppy Nursing Pillow: 3 Uses For Developing Your Baby’s Gross Motor Skills

The Boppy nursing pillow is a signature item in every newborn parents’ household. The padded pillow allows easy nursing for mommies, but also can be used as a positioning tool for your baby as their gross motor skills progress. It is C-shaped, which allows it to be placed easily around one’s waistline.  Here are 3 other ways you can use a Boppy nursing pillow to aide in your baby’s development.

1) Tummy Time

Tummy time is an important aspect of child development. When children lay on their tummy they work on their arm and head musculature as precursors to crawling.  To aide in tummy time, prop the Boppy Pillow under your child’s chest area.  This extra padding makes it easier for them to push through their arms, play with toys while on their tummy, and hold their body up.

2) Supportive Sitting

A great alternative to the bumbo seat, that is often a fan favorite for sitting, is using your Boppy Pillow. As your child is first learning to sit, you want to practice on a stable floor surface compared to couches that have more cushion, which makes sitting a little more difficult. You can place the pillow snuggly behind their bottom and legs to allow increased back support by the pillow. Another way to promote sitting is placing it around your child’s stomach to promote forward reaching for toys while working on their trunk musculature.

3) Supportive Lying

As your child gets older, use the Boppy Pillow to support their head up while laying, rather than flat on their back. With supportive lying you give your child more opportunities to interact with their surrounding environment, whether it be toys or people.

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