Staffing Telepractice

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LLA’s dynamic Telepractice platform provides us the capability to offer the same high standard of care to schools and organizations you would normally receive in face to face services, in a convenient, online platform.

School based telepractice services include:

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Preschool Screenings
  • ESY Therapy Services
  • Educational and behavioral consultation provided by BCBA

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What We Offer to School Partners:

  • Dynamic, HIPAA compliant, easy-to use software with real time video and chat capabilities.
  • An expert technology department able to assist our clients with any technical problems or questions that should arise, making the entire experience enriching and easy to manage.
  • Highly-trained therapists, continuously participating in ongoing education to remain on the cutting edge of best practices.
  • School management team provides continual updates regarding state mandated special education procedures to ensure the most relevant care.
  • LLA Therapy completes quality Medicaid billing records in a timely fashion to maximize reimbursement dollars for your school.
  • Our school management team manages and supervises its own therapists.
  • Our team seeks regular feedback from administrators to ensure contract vision is being accomplished.
  • Our team has an efficient and experienced billing sector to streamline the billing process making it as simple as possible.
  • Robust enough to take on any size job for any amount of time, both short and long term leaves, and ongoing contractual staffing.
  • Large staff able to easily adapt to increasing caseloads.
  • Increased flexibility in scheduling around each student's schedule and needs.
  • Recorded sessions allowing teachers, parents and administrators to review progress and skills that need additional attention.
  • A message board allowing easy communication between parents, therapists, and teachers.
  • Decreased travel time between buildings allows for increased ability to serve multiple buildings throughout a school district.