Using Reusable Sticker Sets in Play

Everybody loves stickers, but they can only be used once. Reusable sticker sets can be a fun and cost effective activity time and time again. 

There are many different types of reusable sticker sets. For example, some have faces, others have plates, and some have settings like fire stations or grocery stores. These sets are beneficial when targeting  a variety of speech and language skills and play!

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Here are some ideas for ways to incorporate your reusable sticker set at home or even on the go, in the car:

Follow 1-2 Step Directions

Encourage your child to carry out commands like, “put the girl in the chair” or “take the lips off then put the teeth on.” 

Language Modeling

Playing with reusable stickers can be a great way for grown ups to narrate what is happening in the scene you’re putting on the page together. For instance, “Look, the firefighter is holding the dog! Walk, walk, walk down the stairs. The dog says woof because he’s happy!” Consider targeting some specific language concepts:


Verbally model locational words like in, on, beside, under, below, and above while placing stickers on the scene. “The dog is next to the fruit stand!” “The ambulance is below the fire truck.” 


With so many different characters in the reusable sticker scenes, it’s easy to model how to use appropriate pronouns during play without needing to use drill practice. “She is holding the cat.” “He is doing his homework” “They are sitting at the table together.”


For children with expressive language or articulation goals, reusable sticker scenes can be a good opportunity to recast your child’s speech or language errors. 

Child: “The dentist is cleaning her tooths!” (language)

Grown up: “You’re right! The dentist is cleaning her TEETH! She looks so happy.”

Child: “He’s eating the take” (articulation)

Grown up: “Wow! He thinks that CAKE is so yummy. Mmm Mmm CAKE!”

These are just a few of the ways grown ups can utilize reusable sticker sets at home with their children.  The above strategies will encourage carryover of language and articulation skills targeted during therapy. Finding a set that appeals to your child can create a motivating toy that can be used over and over again. Enjoy!

-By Elizabeth Miller, SLP

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