What is Scaffolding?

What is scaffolding? Scaffolding is the use of techniques that parents can do to better assist their children in daily routines, new learning situations, and new social situations.

How can it help?

1. Strengthens your child’s ability to ask for help and clearly identify what they need help with
2. Improve your child’s ability to problem solve independently
3. Boost your child’s confidence and self-esteem
4. Helps your child complete tasks more independently
5. Encourages your child to address problems quickly

Scaffolding Tips for Parents

Show & Share:

1. Show your child what you want them to do, then ask your child to do it.
2. In a new learning situation, it can be helpful for children to have a model and talk about each step as it is happening.


1. When you wait, it gives your child some time to think and to process.
2. When your child wants a toy or food, wait them out until they tell you or try to tell you what they want.
3. When you child is having a hard time with an activity or a problem, give them some time to try to figure it out on their own or tell you exactly what they need help with.
4. When a child does something that makes you mad or upset, see if they can explain why they did. that, a child will often agree to a reason that is provided to them even if it isn’t the real reason they did something.

Help When Needed:

1. If your child finds themselves in a difficult situation, give them a moment to see if there is anything they can do to help the problem first.
2. Don’t help your child with something they can do by themselves.