Why LLA Therapy?

For any child, beginning therapy can be a daunting task, and overcoming obstacles can take a toll on young egos. LLA’s speech-language, physical, occupational, and ABA therapists work with parents to find therapy solutions that last a lifetime.

LLA is committed to finding solutions that work for the entire family, and offer services such as telepractice, articulation, social groups, and camps to supplement traditional therapy.


Therapy is a journey, and each path is unique. LLA’s therapy team works collaboratively with clients and their families to understand individual needs, and together we create a treatment plan to reach your specific goals.


Every child has untapped potential. LLA’s dynamic therapists help each child recognize their own capacity for growth, and provides them the tools they need to achieve their goals.


A sense of accomplishment leads to more confidence and greater independence. By achieving the goals we set together, our clients are stronger, happier, and rise to greater heights.


We make therapy simple

With LLA Therapy, you work with one collaborative team providing speech, occupational, physical, music, behavior, feeding, and group therapy. Build the team that suits your child’s needs and we will all work together to achieve your goals.

We make therapy affordable

LLA Therapy’s sophisticated in-house billing and scheduling departments provide the highest care at a price any family can afford.

We make therapy effective

LLA Therapy boasts over 25 years of proven experience. Our model of service delivery is a true collaboration between child, parents, and our team of therapists.

LLA treats over 7000 clients every year

Provides 6 service disciplines under one roof

Employs 120 therapists

Over 25 years in business