Why LLA Staffing

LLA Therapy Staffing Solutions

Whether working with schools, staffing companies, or home health agencies, LLA Therapy is committed to providing the highest standard in care. Our dynamic staffing team and therapists are highly trained professionals, eager to help their clients thrive.


Every staffing scenario is unique. Whether large or small scale, short or long term, LLA Therapy’s staffing team works collaboratively with our partners to understand their individual situation, and together we develop a staffing strategy to fit your needs.


LLA Therapy takes a holistic approach when staffing schools, home health companies, developmental boards and medical facilities. From skilled therapists, to efficient administrative staff, LLA Therapy provides everything you need to execute your staffing strategy.


The key to achieving success begins with a collaborative, streamlined partnership. With LLA Therapy you don’t have multiple vendors providing multiple services. You get one team with a proven track record of success in maximizing resources to make our partnering schools and businesses become stronger.

LLA is reliable

Our robust infrastructure covers every detail from scheduling, to supervision, and documentation of hours. Our staff ensures that this experience is simple, streamlined, and efficient.

LLA is dynamic

LLA Therapy operates as one collaborative group that provides speech, occupational, physical, behavior therapy, and nursing. LLA can create a specialized team to fit your needs, whatever they may be.

LLA is effective

Years of proven experience showcase how effective LLA Therapy is. From helping school-aged children thrive, to keeping patients safe and healthy in their own homes, LLA has a proven track record of success.

LLA boasts an annual client retention rate of 96%

We have partnered with over 60 agencies and schools

We employ 120 of therapists (and counting)

LLA treats over 7000 clients each year